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  • Do You Offer A Guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our products, please return them for an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. Please return your unwashed and unaltered trousers to PIR Clothing Company at 317 E 37th Street, Ste 100, Boise, ID 83714. Please provide us with a brief explanation of your return
  • How Do I Find My Right Size?
    We offer our trousers in even waist sizes 30 through 40. Our models run slightly to the larger side. We've found by adding a little extra in the waist compensates for any shrinkage and adds comfort. In most cases it is accurate to stick with your true waist size.
  • Tell Me More About the "Cut" of PIR Cargos."
    PIR Cargos are cut slightly fuller than cargo or khaki trousers you will find in most department stores. Our trousers are cut from original WWII uniform designs and offer many features found on the original pants. Our trousers feature "full trouser" construction, meaning they can be altered in the seat and waist for a perfect fit. This is a construction feature found mostly on high-end dress pants and suit trousers.
  • Can women wear PIR Cargos?
    Although PIR Cargo Trousers are cut for men, we have sold hundreds pairs to women. They like the roomy cut and because they feature "full trouser construction" they are easily altered in the waist and seat to fit a woman's figure. See some of the photos throughout our site to see the fit on a woman's body.
  • Do You Offer Trousers in Different Lengths?
    Currently we only offer our trousers in a 35 inch inseam. This allows you to have them altered to the exact length you require. The bottoms are finished at 35 inches, so if you have a long inseam they may fit without any further alteration. Hemming is a simple alteration that can be be done by your local tailor. A clean drape of your trousers will be worth it. Plus, we find that many of our customers like a roll at the bottom of their PIR Cargo Trousers as it adds a little weight to the bottom and looks cool and casual. We leave it up to you.
  • The Buttons on My Fly Seem Loose - What Gives?
    Our Yarborough model features a button fly, just like the original M1943 uniform pant. The buttons will have a small gap between the button and the fabric. That gap causes the buttons to appear slightly loose. Not to worry, it's supposed to be that way. If the buttons were tight against the fabric, they would fail and come off when stressed. When the trousers are washed, the buttons will tighten and hold securely. Keep in mind that we produce thousands of pairs of trousers using many thousands of buttons. Occasionally a button will become loose and fall off. That happens with all clothing. Should you have a button pop off simply sew it back on! If you have a complete button failure we will exchange your trousers or offer a refund in accordance with our return policy.
  • What Are My Shipping Options?
    We ship the majority of our orders via USPS, although sometimes we will use other carriers when the price is beneficial to our customers. We only charge the actual rates for shipping plus fifty cents for the shipping bag. We don't charge extra handling fees to our customers.
  • Can I Use PIR Cargos for Historic Reenactments?
    PIR Cargo Trousers are a lifestyle product. They are cut from patterns of WWII US paratrooper uniforms; however changes have been made to fit the tastes of current consumers. PIR Cargos are not historically accurate in fabric or color, therefore if you are a stickler on absolute accuracy they may not work for you. However, we have many customers who participate in reenactments and have found their PIR's perform quite well and look great.
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